VICI Houses: Exactly what You Should Realize

Elki was unified, we do not know. If the penalty is not finalized, we definitely recommend that you work with a lawyer.

Good day 1 year and 6 months ago while I was drinking 1.07 grams of synthetic substance with my friend, the police officers took us to the police station and told us that we both took and drank at the police station. can you help me to come up with anything about me, my name on the paper and the file written on the file …

Hello, the file is opened with your friend and now reserved for you. Surely there is a paper to your notification address.

I was caught with dolphins on 20.08.2017 with 2tane extacy pills, it was the first time I was caught, what would be the punishment and would it hinder my job?

Hello my wife was caught 2 weeks ago with 45 pills in her pocket.Suan went to the prison and took a drink because we discussed it with my wife, but they did not believe it because it was too much. What can we do to get it out as soon as possible?

Good day, we were drinking alcohol with our friends.I have nothing to do with the incident, a 15-year-old girl who saw us there, gave me my name, and half a kilo of cannabis was found around the place where we were drinking, but I smoked marijuana 10 days ago they wanted to break down the cannabis found on me, but this is on me in my house in my vehicle We are waiting for the results of the test and they bought 2 butts from the place where DNA test will be done. What will happen? Thank you in advance.

Hello, an investigation has started about you because of being a user. If you do not have a criminal record before, probation will be given at the investigation stage. Of course, if the evidence is found sufficient, it will work in this way. The statements in the file are important.

Good afternoon, they found 0.17g of marijuana on me during a routine police dial and I went to the police station to testify. I stated in my statement that I had not used it before and signed this way. The subject I wonder is, will I go to court or will the trial be done on paper? If I am going to go to court, when will I receive the call for the hearing, will I be treated in the probation that will be given or will not be treated, how long should I go to the probation period and what will happen if I miss these periods and will the whole procedure work in my registry, will it be out in gbt?

Hello, if you do not have a criminal record, you will be given probation at the prosecution stage. Afterwards, a file will be opened on probation, and you will participate in the programs through that file.

Good afternoon. Last week, when I was traveling with my car, 4 friends were stopped by the police. As a result of the search, the friend who was sitting in the back seat with 20 grams of cannabis left on the seat confessed that he was himself. They took him to the police station while we were waiting for his friend in front of the police station, they called us and took a statement.

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