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Tired of Hold’em and Omaha? Then Open Face Chinese is what you need. In this article, you will find the basic rules of this discipline, learn all about the scoring system, bonuses and some types of Chinese poker.

OFC Poker (Open Face Chinese), or open Chinese poker, has a structure that consists of three hands or lines with increasing value:

The game can be played between 2 and 4 people. In the beginning, each person is given 5 cards. The first player to move is the participant to the left of the dealer (a stone that moves around the table in a circle with each move). All players make up 5 cards open in the lower, middle and / or top positions at their discretion. Once you put a card on the table, you can no longer move it.

Then one card is dealt to each person in turn. Each player turns over to one of the three lines to collect the strongest combinations (after all, we play poker open). This continues until everyone has 13 face up cards. This is followed by a comparison of the combinations on all players’ lines.

The goal of the game is not only to extract the strongest hand from the cards, but to get as much royalty as possible without breaking the order of increasing line power. After the layout of the 13 cards, the players alternately compare their combinations on three lines. The player receives 2 points (or “2 jackpots”) from the opponent for each line won. And for a victory in all 3 lines – 6 points.

If a player made his combinations in violation of the line priority rule (for example, if the top lane is stronger than the middle one), all of his combinations are considered “dead”. Such a player is called “purchased” and pays 6 points + bonus (if any) to all opponents.

In Chinese poker, there is a bonus system called royalty. These points are awarded to you for top-notch combinations in certain lanes. Let’s take a look at the bonus / royalty system in Open Face Chinese:

Set: +2; Street: +4; Flush: +8; Full House: +12; Cursor: +16; Straight Flush: +20; Royal Flush: +30

Scoring starts with a pair 66 (+1 point) … One more point is awarded for each next pair: 77 (+2), 88 (+3), 99 (+4), TT (+5), JJ (+ 6), QQ (+7), KK (+8) and AA (+9) … Bonuses for a set are given similarly: 222 (+10), 333 (+11), 444 (+12), 555 (+13), 666 (+14), 777 (+15), 888 (+16), 999 (+17), TTT (+18), JJJ (+19), QQQ (+20), KKK (+ 21) and AAA (+22).

If both players have the same bonus combinations, their bonuses are not paid to each other. If both players have different bonus combinations (for example: straight +2 and +4 flush), the owner of the highest combination receives the difference between these bonuses (4-2 \ u003d 2).

In fact, these are all the basic rules of open Chinese poker. In text form, it may seem like you need to remember a lot of information, but when you sit down at the game table to examine the game practically, we guarantee everything will snap into place quickly.

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