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The points given by all the juries are added together and a score is collected from the highest to the lowest and the ranking is made.

Accordingly, the most successful with the highest score is determined as the best and the predetermined ranks are announced downwards.

However, rather than the results of the competition, who or who organized this competition and who the juries are composed of are more important. Also see himself as professional leader even similar competitions are held even, unfortunately, people are even without competition private degree granting in the world and Turkey to select personalized first fee award by courier, plaques Cup sender and organizations are available.

The best wizard in the world can be determined in competitions organized by professional associations such as IBM, and whose juries consist of wizards and illusionists and have categories. This is the correct method. the same thing is true in Turkey.

Nowadays, it has become an activity to organize a birthday, to organize an invitation, to invite the relatives or friends of the birthday person or child. Many families are worried about the order of the house and the services such as catering and service to serve the guests in this crowded environment on the birthday.

For this, according to the appropriate situation and some families’ budget, sometimes these birthdays are held outdoors or in another environment. Also, if there are children in this invitation, these invitations sometimes turn into a very difficult situation.

For this, many families now organize auxiliary staff or activities at these events. At the beginning of these activities are the animator and magician shows. Thanks to the animator and magician show, these events pass more easily. For example, the animator spends time with the children by performing activities, games, competitions for a certain period of time, while the witchcraft and illusionist entertain them by performing their shows for both young and old.

This environment especially contributes to the spirit and character development of the birthday child. The birthday boy will be happy on this special day prepared for him,

He understands that he is valuable, and contributes to his perspective on life and becomes a positive child. These activities have a lot of sociological effects.

Master, successful, experienced magician illusionist Deniz Kılıç helps to make such invitations more enjoyable and unforgettable by presenting magic wizardry shows by taking the age groups into consideration.

Many children’s shows of the wizards in Turkey yapmaktadır.sahn to show that the number of illusionist magician and not more. There are different reasons for this. Most of the wizards are in Istanbul, but the arrival and development of the internet has made a great contribution to the spread and proliferation of this profession. Therefore, it is possible to find magicians and illusionists in almost all provinces.

The art of magic even in Turkey goes back to the old Ottoman Empire. Today, the number of people dealing with magic and witchcraft and illusion is quite high. Almost all wizards, illusionists, except 3-5 people, perform witchcraft to children.

This is because magic shows are often in demand for children’s shows. In places such as time, time shopping malls, shows are requested or magic shows are made by including them in the organization, but again there are programs according to children audience, that is, shows appealing to children are held wherever we watch magic.

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Monte-Carlo Casino is an integral part of Monaco’s past and present and the principle shouldn’t miss your visit. Culture Trip’s guide for this famous landmark provides you with everything you need to know, from a small date to some handy visiting tips.

Before the 1860s, the land on which the casino was built, the Plateau des Spélugues, was grown for the cultivation of citrus trees. It’s a very different sight from the glitz and glamor we see today.

Construction of the Monte-Carlo Casino downstream is François Blanc, founder of the Société des Bains de Merk. He had a new vision for Monaco as a world-famous destination for the game. Construction started in 1863 and the casino opened five years later. Architect Charles Garnier, whose work also includes the magnificent Paris Opera, designed the casino by simply adding it to the world scale.

Over the decades, Monte-Carlo Casino has played a huge role in how Monaco evolved and adapted over time. From the twenties to the present, the casino will always be the overwhelming heart of the principality; It is a sign of wealth, fun and excess.

These are the most important things you should know before visiting Monte-Carlo Casino. Helpful, the cashier exchanges any currency so you can be part of the fun wherever you come.

You will need a photo ID to enter the casino and everyone must be over the age of 18. The entrance fee is € 10 per person followed by an additional 10.Every day – at the Formula 1 Grand Prix in May – the casino is open to groups and tours from 9am to 12pm. Entrance 10 for groups with 10 or less, 10 € on 7. If you are a Circle Monte-Carlo Players Club card holder then you are in luck; Free admission!

There is no specific dress code for the casino, but ‘proper dress’ is required. This means shorts, sneakers or flip-flops that can be worn at any time. So if you want to play, make sure you have alternatives for these three items, even if you wear them for the rest of your stay. After 8pm, the casino recommends that jackets be worn.

The minimum you can bet in the main casino hall is € 5 and the maximum is € 2000. If you take your game to a private room, the minimum fee increases to € 10 and surprisingly there is no limit on the maximum bets.

For a room purely for slot machines, the Salle des Amériques is the place to go (not to mention the incredible décor). Iconic private room Salle Médecin For board game lovers, as well as James Bond fans: This is the golden-eyed duck in Pierce Brosnan’s room.

Did you know that the shiny leg of the horse on the statue of Louis XIV in the Hotel de Paris lobby gives you good luck if you rub it?

If you go as far as you can behind the casino, you will be able to see the colorful mosaic of Victor Vasarely. Hexa Grace. There are also incredible views of the Mediterranean with the roof of this Monaco’s convention center and super yachts and cruise ships.

You can visit the Monte-Carlo Mansions in the gardens of the casino. These incredible pebble temporary buildings are slated to be demolished in 2018. Opened in 2014, the designers were designed as a new design for Richard Martinet’s design exchange.

Café de Paris sits opposite the Monte-Carlo Casino. So if you want to pause your journey for a sun and a people-watching casino, this is the place. When you have an espresso or slap-lunch, the brasserie has an extensive menu.

Clyde Patrick is a 44-year-old journalist. Travel advocate. Pop culture scholar. Music fan. Elegant charming entrepreneur. Bacon nerd. Furious unassuming reader. Food specialist.

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Daily Dose is the shortest

Facebook has spent the past few months making its Messenger app a more feature-rich service to rival WhatsApp and others, and it is sure it has more plans to dive into new areas and provide a better user experience. We have long said that the social network should start the messaging game because the genre is booming in Asia and has the potential to become a big division in North America and Europe. Facebook Web’s social experiment

This is a widely accepted trend: as more and more consumers use more and more mobile devices, some activity on the PC is coming to an end. In fact, 37 percent of consumers who access content on their computers have already started doing these activities on tablets and smartphones. The last finding is consumer

After reviewing parts of Facebook’s source code, the Irish Data Protection Commissioner (DPC) and a German data protection regulator confirmed that the social network is currently deleting all facial recognition data for users in Europe. CFO World reported the findings, referring to an email from Ciara O’Sullivan, spokesperson for the Irish DPC Office: “We recently reviewed the source code used in the deletion process and the execution process, and we can confirm that we are satisfied. Facebook’s commitments are correct

Despite that, and even with the unstoppable rise of social media, maybe we watch a ton of television (by that I mean). Another fact: The way TV looks have changed forever due to social networking services like Twitter and Facebook, and social television apps like GetGlue, IntoNow acquired by Yahoo, Miso acquired by Dijit, Comcast’s Tunerfish and Zeebox. others. Television

Facebook tests ‘Buy Tickets’ buttons for events, pays for vulnerabilities discovered in Kim Dotcom’s Mega code, and Google’s Solve for X program ensures that the website is refreshed. All in today’s Daily Dose. You can find The Daily Doose on The Next Web every Monday – Friday. Daily Dose

Updates at the bottom of the post. Many users are experiencing downtime, according to a flood report on Facebook, Twitter and Down For Everyone or Just Me. Due to the fact that not all users are impacted (since all of the Next Web team can easily access it) and someone tweeted an image of the site on which it appears to be inaccessible, it seems likely that some kind of DNS error occurred even though we were contacting Facebook. for clarification about the situation. twitter

Facebook appears to be testing “Buy Tickets” buttons and links to event pages, according to All Facebook. Reportedly, these buttons are currently only links to third-party sites. In other words, Facebook isn’t taking any action yet. Updates at the bottom of the post. The screenshot below is the media Et

Pulse today unveiled a new feature for its digital news gathering app called Highlights, which feeds an exclusive news feed shared on Facebook by your friends and family.

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Elki was unified, we do not know. If the penalty is not finalized, we definitely recommend that you work with a lawyer.

Good day 1 year and 6 months ago while I was drinking 1.07 grams of synthetic substance with my friend, the police officers took us to the police station and told us that we both took and drank at the police station. can you help me to come up with anything about me, my name on the paper and the file written on the file …

Hello, the file is opened with your friend and now reserved for you. Surely there is a paper to your notification address.

I was caught with dolphins on 20.08.2017 with 2tane extacy pills, it was the first time I was caught, what would be the punishment and would it hinder my job?

Hello my wife was caught 2 weeks ago with 45 pills in her pocket.Suan went to the prison and took a drink because we discussed it with my wife, but they did not believe it because it was too much. What can we do to get it out as soon as possible?

Good day, we were drinking alcohol with our friends.I have nothing to do with the incident, a 15-year-old girl who saw us there, gave me my name, and half a kilo of cannabis was found around the place where we were drinking, but I smoked marijuana 10 days ago they wanted to break down the cannabis found on me, but this is on me in my house in my vehicle We are waiting for the results of the test and they bought 2 butts from the place where DNA test will be done. What will happen? Thank you in advance.

Hello, an investigation has started about you because of being a user. If you do not have a criminal record before, probation will be given at the investigation stage. Of course, if the evidence is found sufficient, it will work in this way. The statements in the file are important.

Good afternoon, they found 0.17g of marijuana on me during a routine police dial and I went to the police station to testify. I stated in my statement that I had not used it before and signed this way. The subject I wonder is, will I go to court or will the trial be done on paper? If I am going to go to court, when will I receive the call for the hearing, will I be treated in the probation that will be given or will not be treated, how long should I go to the probation period and what will happen if I miss these periods and will the whole procedure work in my registry, will it be out in gbt?

Hello, if you do not have a criminal record, you will be given probation at the prosecution stage. Afterwards, a file will be opened on probation, and you will participate in the programs through that file.

Good afternoon. Last week, when I was traveling with my car, 4 friends were stopped by the police. As a result of the search, the friend who was sitting in the back seat with 20 grams of cannabis left on the seat confessed that he was himself. They took him to the police station while we were waiting for his friend in front of the police station, they called us and took a statement.

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There had been rumors of people hacking into private voiceovers for years, but no one had seriously examined the problem. The media had been very involved with politicians. Then there was a report that something like this was done with Milly Dowler, the kidnapped schoolgirl who was later found dead. And do you know what Britain turned into one of the biggest political issues, in this case, almost overnight? This Mumsnet.com was originally a network designed to support parents with their daily life. Suddenly, many parents expressed anger on each site and the audience was enraged, therefore basically launched a campaign spontaneously, saying: This is enough.

Dutton: I think so. This very nice shows that there is infrastructure on which people can organize anyway. It might be set for something entirely different – for chat with friends, for fun, for parenting – but that doesn’t matter. Any infrastructure can be repurposed in an instant. Even football clubs and rugby teams are held online today. The Neighborhood where I live has its own blog, a website and mailing list. Almost everywhere, there are potentially political groups, as soon as something gets upset people. It turns out here I call it “Fifth Estate”. Networking individuals – government, as well as media – can hold established sites liable at any time. In this sense, the internet makes a more democratic, more pluralistic society.

Dutton: Another example is the US civil society website MoveOn.org, launched by two people. At first it was just a smart mob against President Bill Clinton’s impending impeachment later on. But over the years, it has turned into a kind of umbrella organization for all sorts of progressive initiatives.

SPIEGEL: It can be said that the Internet provides a new form of democracy, directly with citizens involved in political decision-making. Is this realistic?

Dutton: At the local level, yes, people especially being sad about something. Here in Britain, there was a movement to cut back local funding, with public libraries being one of the injured. This prompts fan groups to gather around in local libraries, and linked with other groups over the Internet. The “Save Our Libraries” movement has been quite successful. But in general, there is limited use of the internet as a tool for direct democracy. I believe it is to move away from the utopian view of the people who govern themselves in their sofas. Most people are not interested in politics because the Internet does not constitute a plebisiter democracy.

Dutton: Of course, because the network becomes an independent resource of individuals’ social and political account – a Fifth Estate. For example, it can influence the agenda. Every prime minister knows what people in every city council say online and does. Even the crowd, the press, has become an independent independent force. It has thousands of eyes and can organize around topics, quickly, within days or hours, if needed.

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Tired of Hold’em and Omaha? Then Open Face Chinese is what you need. In this article, you will find the basic rules of this discipline, learn all about the scoring system, bonuses and some types of Chinese poker.

OFC Poker (Open Face Chinese), or open Chinese poker, has a structure that consists of three hands or lines with increasing value:

The game can be played between 2 and 4 people. In the beginning, each person is given 5 cards. The first player to move is the participant to the left of the dealer (a stone that moves around the table in a circle with each move). All players make up 5 cards open in the lower, middle and / or top positions at their discretion. Once you put a card on the table, you can no longer move it.

Then one card is dealt to each person in turn. Each player turns over to one of the three lines to collect the strongest combinations (after all, we play poker open). This continues until everyone has 13 face up cards. This is followed by a comparison of the combinations on all players’ lines.

The goal of the game is not only to extract the strongest hand from the cards, but to get as much royalty as possible without breaking the order of increasing line power. After the layout of the 13 cards, the players alternately compare their combinations on three lines. The player receives 2 points (or “2 jackpots”) from the opponent for each line won. And for a victory in all 3 lines – 6 points.

If a player made his combinations in violation of the line priority rule (for example, if the top lane is stronger than the middle one), all of his combinations are considered “dead”. Such a player is called “purchased” and pays 6 points + bonus (if any) to all opponents.

In Chinese poker, there is a bonus system called royalty. These points are awarded to you for top-notch combinations in certain lanes. Let’s take a look at the bonus / royalty system in Open Face Chinese:

Set: +2; Street: +4; Flush: +8; Full House: +12; Cursor: +16; Straight Flush: +20; Royal Flush: +30

Scoring starts with a pair 66 (+1 point) … One more point is awarded for each next pair: 77 (+2), 88 (+3), 99 (+4), TT (+5), JJ (+ 6), QQ (+7), KK (+8) and AA (+9) … Bonuses for a set are given similarly: 222 (+10), 333 (+11), 444 (+12), 555 (+13), 666 (+14), 777 (+15), 888 (+16), 999 (+17), TTT (+18), JJJ (+19), QQQ (+20), KKK (+ 21) and AAA (+22).

If both players have the same bonus combinations, their bonuses are not paid to each other. If both players have different bonus combinations (for example: straight +2 and +4 flush), the owner of the highest combination receives the difference between these bonuses (4-2 \ u003d 2).

In fact, these are all the basic rules of open Chinese poker. In text form, it may seem like you need to remember a lot of information, but when you sit down at the game table to examine the game practically, we guarantee everything will snap into place quickly.

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Poker is a very popular card game among live Casino games and is the most played card game worldwide. Because winning or losing in the game is not exactly based on luck, many people turn to this game. Since the card sequences and strategies in the game determine the fate of the game, it can achieve success that spends a long time in this game. This is the route followed by poker players in general. People who have understood from the past to the present that the game is not just about cards and luck discovered that the psychology of the opponent also seriously affected the game. At this point, the game attitude reflected on the opponent also has an important line between losing or winning.

If we talk about how the game is played; It is played with a maximum of 10 and at least 2 people. There is also 1 manager in the game, which takes place on a semi-circular table. If we talk about the game cards; There are 13 cards in total, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, A, K, Q, J. At the beginning of the poker game, each player is dealt 2 cards. Everyone has to make the best high five sequence with the cards in their hand and the cards shown in the middle. Considering the possibility that each card sequence in the game is superior to the other, it is clear who will win or lose at the end of the hand. So do not be happy or sad before the hand is over.

The most sequences in the game are in 10 different genres in total. The advantages of the simplest to the most difficult sequences are determined. Therefore, efforts must be made to achieve the highest probability of winning in order to win all the chips in the game case. Otherwise the bet chips will be lost.

If we talk about the names of the hand sequences in the poker game; We can sort it as Royal Flush, Straight Flush, Four Of A Kind, Full House, Flush, Straight, Three Of A Kind, Two Pair, Pair, High Card. The system automatically shows the sequences in the games played on the online platform, but it is necessary to know the order of these sequences in real Poker games. It is considered to have been lost directly in the wrong sequence.

In order to surpass opponent players and get all chips in the game, it is first necessary to make sure that the hand alignment is strong. Since a low power card sequence is likely to cause loss, this should be the priority. However, depending on luck, if your hand alignment is bad, psychologically affecting the opponent can provide a serious gain. This strategy works well, especially in real-time poker games. It may be possible for you to impress your opponent by acting as if you have a card sequence that will make a guaranteed profit in your hand. World-famous poker players also follow such a strategy within the Casino. You can also access other casino games on our site, for example, if you want to get information about the Roulette game, you can take a look.

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Serving in the international arena, Rivalo firm also serves its users in the field of betting, casino and live games. It offers these services with the Curacao license numbered 8048 / JAZ. Rivalo betting site has been active in the market for a long time. It is an extremely advantageous site in terms of both odds and bonus percentages and game variety. For all these, all you have to do is to become a member of the site. Rivalo Support You can take advantage of the communication methods offered by the site to get support from customer services. You will be provided with the necessary support for all your questions and complaints. In addition, you can use these communication methods for your bonus and payment applications. Rivalo support … Read more

The only requirement to place a bet on Rivalo is to be 18 years of age. If you are over 18 and want to bet, you can become a member of the Rivalo betting site, which has been serving for years, and you can bet as you wish. When you enter the site, you have to fill in the form completely after selecting the “Register” option on the upper right. After determining your mobile phone, name, surname, date of birth, username and password, you will complete the registration phase. After the registration phase, you just need to confirm the membership. After you register, you can benefit from Rivalo’s many bonuses. This bonus is the first sign-up bonus and it is enough to deposit money. On which devices can you login to the Rivalo site? To the Rivalo website with your mobile phone … Read more

Rivalo, which was established in Austria and has been serving for 12 years, has many bonuses and campaigns. 100% first deposit bonus up to 550 TL; Since you are a new customer, Rivalo doubles your first deposit up to 550 TL. It is sufficient to use any of the payment methods below; Paykasa, ecoPayz, CepBank, Astropay, Bitcoin. The minimum deposit amount is 50 Turkish Liras. Rivalo’s new customer bonus is exclusively for customers who open a new account with Rivalo. Each bonus can only be used once per customer, account, home, bank account, common computer (workplace, internet cafe, etc.). Customers who deposit money to their Rivalo accounts via Mobile Casino are not eligible for the offer. Rivalo … Read more

Rivalo’s new login address is rivalo178.com. Other addresses other than this address are clone or scam sites. You can bet on this web address to benefit from 12 years of experience. To introduce the games, Rivalo has Sports Betting, Live Betting, Casino and Live Casino sections like every betting site. All of them have a developed and quality infrastructure as infrastructure. Rivalo Live Casino; You can play high quality casino games live in this category. You can play Roulette, Blackjack, Baccarat, Casino Hold’em, Poker and many other games live with female cursors. Each table is divided and users can play at any table they wish. You must be a member to follow or play the game in these areas. Rivalo … Read more

Rivalo, one of the most popular betting sites, is an Austrian-based website and has a license. It serves in 12 different languages. Among these languages, there is also Turkish. It has customers in many different countries in Europe. The user-friendliness of the site is one of the most preferred reasons for new users in the betting industry. On the other hand, some of the money earned goes to charities. These aspects are the plus aspects of being preferred. Live betting option is a much better application than other betting sites and this application has become more popular day by day. There are many detailed and reliable analyzes on the website for players who bet frequently. For these reasons, Rivalo … Read more

Because Rivalo is a reliable betting site and has years of experience, it serves you with many different and popular payment methods. We will try to explain the lower and upper limits and payment methods to you in detail. If you access Rivalo’s website, you can find out what the payment methods are and their limits. Rivalo Deposit Limits; CepBank, Ecopayz, Paykasa, Astropay, Bitcoin and Credit card are among the payment methods. It contains the payment methods of many betting sites and is very fast at the point of deposit. Below you can find deposit limits; CepBank Minimum 100 TL, Maximum 1000 TL. Ecopayz Minimum 25 TL, Maximum 13000 TL. Bottom in Paykasa … Read more

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The new liberal restructuring models, imposed with the claim of overcoming the economic depression that started in the 70s, could not bring a solution to the crisis; moreover, it has fully increased the international income inequality that underlies the crisis.

Today, a source flow from the South to the North has been initiated in the world, leaving behind all the previous colonial periods. (17)

In 1960, 20 percent of the world’s population living in the richest countries had 30 times the wealth of 20 percent living in the poorest countries, whereas in 1995 it was 82 times. (19)

According to the data of the United Nations, the richest 20 percent of the world’s population receives 82 percent of the world’s income, while the poorest 20 percent receives only 1.4 percent. In 1996, the sum of the wealth of the 358 dollar billionaires was equal to the annual incomes of the poorest 45 percent of the earth’s population. (20) According to another calculation, the wealth of the world’s 200 richest people is more than the incomes of two billion people. (21)

The importance of the problem has increased altogether with the fact that the internationalized capital, which has gone beyond all public control, has also found a way to get rid of its tax liability. However, according to the data of the United Nations, if it was possible to tax the 400 billionaires who hold half of the world’s wealth at a rate of 4 percent, the poverty and health problem in the world would be completely solved. (22)

From another point of view, we can say that there has been a deep shift in the axis of capitalism’s fundamental contradiction or exploitation relation. Income injustice at the international level has reached dimensions that far outstrip the income inequality that exists within each nation.

The gap between the poor and the rich of the world has gained importance and determination to overshadow the imbalance between the workplace, enterprise, industry and even between workers and employers at the national level.

At this point, it should also be noted that in the unipolar world, the East-West conflict has also disappeared. As such, the contradiction that remains and is of great importance is the one that is known and has historically been prevalent in all. This contradiction is one that includes the contradiction between imperialism and the oppressed nations. This contradiction is the contradiction between globalized capital and the working majority of the earth.

The change suffered by capital in the New World Order has not been limited to monopolization and reaching gigantic dimensions. Besides this quantitative change, capital has also undergone a profound qualitative change.

The capital, which has reached the size that no public and democratic control can reach, has turned into a monster that has broken its chains, and with the drunkenness of getting the privilege of not giving any priority other than profit, it travels the world by jumping from that stock market to this stock market. Thus, a type of capital emerged that did not produce, did not create jobs, but had the opportunity to make unlimited profit. The common feature of this type of capital, which is the product of activities emerging in different disguises such as interest, repo, stock market games, and foreign exchange trading, is that it is speculative.

This situation, which Keynes pointed out years ago and called it “casino capitalism”, has become an undeniable and determining reality of our day.

The main feature of casino capitalism is that speculative earnings are gaining more and more weight, and this is none other than what appears today. Y

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Omon Fish is among its famous foods. Beer and alcoholic beverages are sold in shops authorized by the state. And it is consumed in abundance. English-style pubs and American-style sports bars are common. Since Canadians prefer to eat while drinking alcohol, these bars offer a variety of grills to their customers until closing hours.

Foreign driving licenses can be valid for a period of 30 days to 6 months. Of course, this varies from state to state. When this time has elapsed, all drivers should go to the local Drive Control Center and undergo sight, writing and road testing.

As a result of the researches conducted by the United Nations, Canada was defined as “the most livable country in the world” in 1992, 1994, 1995 and 1996. This evaluation has been made taking into consideration the issues such as Canada’s education, living standard, income level and distribution and accordingly gives the answer to the question of “Why Canada”.

Canada is one of the few countries in the world with the highest welfare level. More than 65% of Canadians own their own homes. The rate of durable consumer goods such as automobiles, refrigerators, washing machines, televisions and telephones per person is very high. Canada is well developed in terms of media and artistic activities. There are more than 1000 radio stations and over 700 television stations.

All major city centers; It has different shopping centers, restaurants, theaters, art galleries and museums. In Canadian cities; In addition to excellent sports and entertainment facilities, there are numerous parks and gardens with insatiable beauty.

On campuses in colder regions of Canada, buildings are often linked by underground tunnels. Although Vancouver is not located in this very cold region, underground tunnels are very common. This settlement; It not only provides protection against cold temperatures, but also provides students with the opportunity to travel to and from school more safely. Universities in Canada have their own security units. In Canada, crime rates have been decreasing considerably since the early 1990s.

Canada; grows rapidly in the field of high technology. Canada enjoys an international reputation in industries such as telecommunications, transportation and engineering, microelectronics, medical devices, advanced software, hydroelectric and nuclear power plants, laser and optical electronics, biotechnology, food and beverage processing, geomatics, and environmental industries.

Canada; It is a country that has two official languages, English and French. The vast majority of French-speaking Canadians (75%); He lives in the Quebec region in the east of the country. According to the 1991 population, the mother tongue of 82% of the population of Quebec is French. Canada as a bilingual country; It is an ideal country for students willing to learn both languages.

Universities and colleges in Canada are renowned for their high standards and quality. Computer engineering, business, telecommunications, medicine and agriculture are among the most popular and world-renowned departments. In addition, thanks to the latest technology used, students can easily access all kinds of information. Located in the western region of Canada, British Columbia is the number one preference of foreign students.